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The team

G-FORS was formed as a collaborative effort between GCK owner and founder, motorsports athlete and entrepreneur Guerlain Chicherit and FORS PERFORMANCE’s co-founder Stéphane Orré to create a new Rallycross team with aim to further talented drivers.
Headed up by Stéphane as Technical Director and Atte Varsta from Finland as Team Manager, G-FORS is working closely with trusted suppliers and technical partners to produce and race new Renault Clio R.S. RX Supercars.
Whilst Guerlain is not involved in the day to day running of the team, GCK is closely connected to G-FORS with a vision to nurture a future World Champion.

The vision

⇒ With the main aim to create an opportunity for keen drivers wanting to race in Rallycross to enter the European RX Championship, the French Rallycross Championship as well as selected World Rallycross rounds, G-FORS creates a stepping stone and all-important learning curve on the way to enter a full FIA World Rallycross Championship.
⇒ G-FORS aims to work with talented drivers to create an achievable entry into the FIA World Rallycross Championship and, where suitable, source future World RX Mégane RS RX team drivers through its selection process.
⇒ To create an opportunity for young drivers to work their way up seamlessly from a national championship to a world championship and to produce the next world champion.
⇒ G-FORS will bring a team pit and hospitality structure entirely new to the French and European Championship
⇒ The structure will be used at all European RX events – a perfect platform to host trade partners, distributors & media.

G-FORS RX offers extensive partnership opportunities tailored to partners’ needs and marketing objectives.
Please contact for more information.

The drivers


The G-FORS RX Team Renault Clio Supercar is the latest generation RX contender.
Designed and built to the highest standards in rallycross by an experienced team from both the World & Euro RX Championship.
A 2 litre, 16v, turbocharged engine built by Oreca
Six speed sequential gearbox.
Producing 650bhp and around 860N.m torque with a top speed of 190km.
0-100 mph in around two seconds – faster than an F1 car!
Technologically advanced Sadev four wheel drive transmission systems.


The FIA World Rallycross Championship has shown unparalleled growth over the last couple of years, showing a hugely impressive increase in numbers across social media, fan attendance and engagement and providing an entirely new platform for brands to engage fans and create long-lasting emotional connections. The Championship has this year grown to include a race at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas, USA, and the new UK race “Speedmachine” in festival format, as well as visiting Canada, South Africa and 8 of the strongest European motorsports countries as part of its World Championship calendar.
In parallel to the FIA World Rallycross Championship, so will the FIA European Rallycross Championship see the strongest line up of cars, drivers and teams we have seen in the sport so far in 2018.
Promoted and organised by IMG, and run in conjunction with the FIA World Rallycross Championship, the FIA European Rallycross Championship will take place at some of Europe’s most well-known race circuits and will be home to some serious Rallycross talent – many of whom are already well-established stars within the world of motorsport.
The FIA European Rallycross Championship has grown to a previously unparalleled level, allowing it to access new market segments and consumers, and, as a result, reaching both long-standing endemic fans as well as an entirely new, young audience.

As one of the oldest Rallycross Championships in the world, having been founded in September 1976, the French Championship has long established itself as the most competitive National Rallycross Championship to race in.
With a TV viewership of 3.5Million and 10,000 live spectators a race, it is a racing spectacle of motorsports greats not to be missed.


Course Pays & Ville Championnat Date
R1 Spain – Barcelona Euro RX April 14/15
R2 Portugal – Montalegre World RX April 28/29
M1 France – Abbeville France RX May 04/05
R3 Belgium – Mettet Euro RX May 12/13
M2 France – Essay -Ducs France RX May 19/20
R4 Great Britain – Silverstone World RX May 26/27
M3 France – Chateauroux France RX Jun 02/03
 R5 Norway – Hell World RX Jun 09/10
M4 France – Faleyras France RX Jun 16/17
M5 France – Lavaré France RX Jun 30/31
 R6 Sweden – Holjes Euro RX Jun 30 /jul 01
M6 France – Pont de Ruan – Saché France RX Jul 14/15
M7 France – Kerlabo France RX Jul 28/29
 R7 Canada – Trois rivières World RX Aug 04/05
 R8 France – Lohéac Euro RX Sep 01/02
 R9 Latvia – Riga Euro RX Sep 15/16
M8 France – Mayenne France RX Sep 22/23
 R10 USA – Austin World RX Sep  29/30
M9 France – Lessay France RX Oct 06/07
 R11 Germany – Buxtehude World RX Oct 13/14
M10 France – Dreux France RX Oct 20/21
 R11 South Africa – Cape Town World RX Nov 24/25
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